Equipment Listings

From time to time we come across satellite equipment that needs a new home. We are happy to connect you to items that your company can utilize at the best possible prices, or help move along items that you are no longer using. Just email for details. Here is a quick summary of the equipment that we currently know is available.

Updated 4//30/2012

20-Used Radyne Comstream DMD20, 20Mbps, 20MEGS HRTurbo,

38-Used Anacom 0DB C-band Transceivers, Model 30792

1-Used Artel DL8000D Decoder

4-Used Artel Video Systems Digilink 1200E Encoder

1-Used Conexant CM3000E Modulator

8-New IDC DVB Superflex Receiver, Original boxes

1-Used Miteq Video Modulator VM-100R

20-Looks New Mitec 1:1 Redundancy Switching Unit MC3792

2-Looks New NDS System 3000 DVB Digital Modulator

9-Brand New Comtech EF Data SDM 300L1, High Power,
  Viterbi, 512Kb,(TX= 70MHz, RX=L-Band). 

22-NJR2184HW, Ku-Band DRO LNB
25-NJR2784HH, Ku-Band DRO LNB
13-NJR2744HH, Ku-Band DRO LNB
1-NJR2744HLK, Ku-Band DRO LNB
1-NJR2536H,   Ku-Band DRO LNB

1-Used Optomic Microwave 5W C-Band BUC
  (Palapa Freq:TX:6425 – 6725GHz – RX:3400 – 3640 GHz)

1-Used Skystream Networks EMR-55

1-Used Tandberg Multiplexer 5620

1-Used Tandberg Multiplexer MX5640

2-Used Tandberg TT 1200 IRD Mpeg-2 DVB

1-Used Tandberg TT1250 Receivers

1-Used Tandberg TTC6-02 Video Conferencing Codec

1-Used Tiernan Communications TE300A MPEG-2 Encoder
  (We think it’s broken)

3-Looks New Video Products Group TV-1 PLUS Receiver

3-Looks New Video Products Group TV-1 PLUS Transmitter